♥Kawaii Shiny Pink
Hi, i'm Pink Oomiya, i'm female member in group KiraDeco5!
I love animes and mangá!
I love One piece! *-*
And JewelPet KiraDeco!
I'm voice actress in Portugal.
Dubbed animes:
Nagisa Motomiya in AKB0048
Kanata Shinonome in AKB0048
Mayuyu Watanabe in AKB0048
Pink Oomiya in Jewel Pet KiraDeco
Io in Jewel Pet KiraDeco
Mana Aida in Doki Doki precure
Regina in Doki Doki Precure
Marmo in Doki Doki Precure
draw manga
Watch anime
Have fun!~ ^^
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